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You know how unhealthy genetically modified and pesticide-laden foods are, but they're so expensive and hard to find!  There is a solution!  You can now buy natural and organic food online - all non-GMO, including fresh produce and frozen grass-fed organic meat, delivered to your house!  Find out about this fabulous new online buying club...  

The Green PolkaDot Box

What is the Green PolkaDot Box?  It is a new online buying club that features an ever-growing variety of natural and organic food at LOW prices for's kind of like an online version of Whole Foods or Costco, but everything is non-GMO, at low prices, and you don't have to buy huge quantities or spend your entire paycheck on groceries - you get the picture, it's pretty sweet!

The best part is their
.  YES, you can buy natural, organic fruits and vegetables online (such as lemons, tomatoes, kale, oranges, beets, spinach, carrots, and more...ALL organic and shipped to your home!) through the Harvest Fresh program at the Green PolkaDot Box.  Simply place your order, the Green PolkaDot Box then tells their growers how much produce to harvest, and then the freshest fruits and veggies are shipped directly to your home!
**11/13 UPDATE: While the Harvest Fresh produce program has been temporarily suspended, Refrigerated and Frozen foods are now available to ship to US locations West of the Mississippi.  Please contact Green PolkaDot for further details. 

Frozen foods?  Yep, the Green PolkaDot Box ships frozen and refrigerated foods too.  Buy grass fed beef, organic chicken/turkey/pork, and organic dairy products like cheese, butter, and milk.  Enjoy fresh organic soups, gluten free bread, as well as frozen fruits and vegetables - all non-GMO and either natural or organic, shipped to you! 

Bulk produce, such as organic tangerines and pomegranates are available through special sales to the entire USA.

Cheaper prices than Amazon and Vitacost!  It's true!  We compared many products on the Green PolkaDot Box to identical products on other websites such as Amazon and Vitacost, and the GPDB was considerably less expensive on nearly all products.  Plus, you can't buy organic produce and frozen foods on other online websites!  

How much does a membership cost?

As of November, 2013, a Club membership to the Green PolkaDot Box is only $50 a year.  Or, for just $10 you can buy a Trial membership if you aren't ready for a yearly membership.  Go ahead and check out the products at the Green PolkaDot Box and see their fantastic prices and products.  The savings on organic and natural foods will easily pay for your membership cost as you shop!